Just For Kicks

Who Are We?

Are we a new band? No, just a band with a new name! Rage 'N' Age was our previous band name, but we wanted to freshen things up as our band evolves. Just For Kicks is something new and exciting that still follows the same motto.

As to the previous name, the philosophy of Rage ‘N’ Age is simple: it means to act with strong emotion, enthusiasm and desire. Too many people stop living before they stop breathing. When we are “Rage’n,” we ignore the fact that we are getting older and we tap into the timeless energy of our rock & roll spirit, the spirit of the “Ages”.

That is why we are a group of veteran rockers who have no intention of ever stopping the music or the feeling. Our motto, shouted by thousands of fans over the years: “One More Song!!”

Just For Kicks is still about rocking out and enjoying the good times to such classic songs, but also embracing new big hits that keep the rock & roll spirit going!